Best permanent residency option in Panama

The Republic of Panama has a number of easy options to obtain permanent residency. The best one is tailored for “citizens of friendly nations with professional and economic ties with the Republic of Panama”. There is a list of 50 nations and Hong Kong is one of them.


Another advantage of Panama law comes in handy here: incorporating a Panama corporation, at the time of immigration procedure, proves the professional and economic ties mentioned.

Furthermore, Panama has a territorial tax system, what means that any income from outside Panama is tax-free.

Panama’s banking system is stable and still paying solid interest for fixed-term deposits. Such income too is tax-free.

Panama has a healthy real-estate market with many upscale apartments along the Pacific Ocean, with prices far below what you are being used from Hong Kong, while the Panama City skyline is almost as impressive.

Next post will look at the economic standing of Panama, as home of the Panama Canal.